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Manufacturing Excellence

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The Manufacturing Excellence program at P&THE Manufacturing, LLC provides the means of establishing a culture of Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence that drive safety, quality, efficiency, and profitability throughout our manufacturing facilities. These elements of world class manufacturing are fundamental to employee engagement that is key to delivering on customer values and expectations.

The creation and implementation of Best Practices are among those elements that are foundational to maintaining the operational excellence that exists within our facilities. Leader Standard Work, 5S, Visual Management, Teamwork and Focused Improvement are the other elements that combine to provide P&THE Manufacturing, LLC with a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

For many of our customers quality is essential, if not the most important deliverable. Our principle of First Pass First Quality has resulted in our products being among the highest quality in their industries.


Our Manufacturing Excellence Program strives for optimized utilization of facilities. The ability to both train and implement a Continuous Improvement program, in house, uniquely positions us with the ability to drive best practices consistent with world class manufacturing at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

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